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Learning and Teaching

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Every piece of research available tells us that high-quality teaching and learning is at the heart of improvements in students’ outcomes in the classroom. To achieve this teachers and classroom assistants need to be up to date with the latest research and strategies and given time to consider how these fit into their classroom. Our sessions will give them the knowledge, inspiration and space to do just that. Teachers will leave the session feeling challenged, yes, but also empowered and inspired to make effective change with their students.

Course CodeCoursesDuration
  • Just Great Teaching

Exploring the Latest Research on Teaching

1 Day
  • Next Level Differentiation

The Latest Strategies and Methods

1 Day
  • Marking for Improvement

The Latest Strategies and Methods

1 Day
  • Metacognition and Self Regulated Learning

Teaching, Learning and Thinking

2 Days
  • Targeted Mentoring Training

Supporting Attitudinal and Motivational Change

2 Days
  • Target Questioning

Exploring Effective Questioning

1/2 Day
  • Using Oracy as a Tool to Secure Deeper Learning

Deepening Understanding Through Structured Dialogue

  • Making Learning Visible

Developing Our Understanding of Different Kinds of Thinking

  • Strengthening Memory and Recall

Strategies to Support Working and Long Term Memory

  • Developing Habits of Mind

Developing Patterns of Thinking Behaviour

Leadership Development

Many are called to leadership but as many are unprepared for the trials and tribulations of the role. They can quickly find themselves on the back foot or in deep water when attempting to lead and inspire those around them. Whether they are new to leadership or in the role for a while, our leadership courses will challenge, empower and transform them as leaders and help bring new momentum to your organisation.

Course CodeCoursesDuration
  • Handling Difficult Conversations
1 Day
  • Communication for Buy-in
1/2 Day
  • Leading Improvements in the Quality of Teaching and Learning
1 Day
  • Leading and Managing Change
1/2 Day
  • Motivating and Inspiring Staff
1 Day
  • Moving into Leadership
1/2 Day
  • Action Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating Standards
1 Day
  • Effectively Resolving Conflict
1/2 Day

Ready Steady Study!

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Our Study Skills programmes for students and parents directly answer the question: How do we study? Our hugely popular sessions will empower students to study independently and effectively, enabling them to reach their full potential. They will leave the session ready to take on the exam challenge!

In particular, check out our sessions for A level, higher and further education students. These students don’t just get the same old strategies rebranded. Students will learn how to use advanced graphic organisers and thinking templates to further probe their notes and develop the higher-order thinking skills essential for success in advance-level exams.

Course CodeCoursesDuration
  • Ready Steady Study!

Study Skills for Key Stage 3/4

3 Hours
  • Ready Steady Study!

Advanced Study Skills for Post-16

3 Hours
  • Ready Steady Study Parents!

Study Skills Training for Parents

2 Hours
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Student Development

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Every school and college seeks the holistic development of their students. Our courses will equip and empower students with the skills, attitudes and drive they need to achieve and thrive in school, work and life. The sessions are completely interactive with practical activities throughout. Students will be involved in team challenges, debates, discussions, self-reflection and role-plays. Their feet won’t touch the ground. They will leave the session energised and inspired, ready to take on the world!

Course CodeCoursesDuration
  • RECALL Workshop

Developing Memory Skills

3 Hours
  • TIME Workshop

Developing Time Management Skills

3 Hours
  • LEAD Workshop

Building Confident and Inspirational Leaders

1 Day
  • PRESENT Workshop

Building Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

3 Hours
  • PEER MENTOR Workshop

Training for Students to Support Fellow Students

1 Day
  • MINDFULNESS Workshop

Building Resilience, Focus, Concentration and Happiness

3 Hours
  • MOMENTUM Workshop
3 Hours
  • EMPLOY Workshop
3 Hours
  • KICKSTART Workshop
3 Hours

Literacy Development

The National Literacy Trust says, “Lacking vital literacy skills holds a person back at every stage of their life. As a child they won’t be able to succeed at school, as a young adult they will be locked out of the job market, and as a parent they won’t be able to support their own child’s learning.“ Our Literacy Development courses support teachers, classroom assistants and parents to develop these vital skills allowing all children to feel confident when reading, writing, talking and listening.

Course CodeCoursesDuration
  • Talking Partners

Literacy Support Training Programme

2 Days
  • Boosted Reading @ Secondary
2 Days
  • Getting Clever with Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
1 Day
  • Supporting Literacy Improvement

Introductory Skills for Classroom Assistants

1 Day
  • Supporting Literacy Improvement

Advanced Skills for Classroom Assistants

1 Day
  • Helping Students Reach their Potential

GCSE English Catch-Up Programme

1 Day
  • Parent Literacy Focus

Helping Parents Support their Child in Literacy

2 Hours

Personal Effectiveness

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To be effective in work and life we need to make use of all our talents, strengths, skills, energy and time. It’s the focus on the development of these areas, both personally and professionally, that will determine whether we achieve our career and personal goals. Our Personal Effectiveness courses will equip your staff with the skills and confidence they need to push through their barriers and overcome their obstacles helping them achieve success.

Course CodeCoursesDuration
  • Giving Great Presentations
3 Hours
  • Time Control

Effectively Managing your Time

3 Hours
  • Resilience Training

Building Coping Skills

3 Hours
  • Assert Yourself

Take Control of Communication

3 Hours
  • Powerful Applicant

Make an Impact at Interviews

3 Hours
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Facilitation Services

We’ve been running highly successful facilitated workshops for years. Our bespoke sessions are guaranteed to have everyone collaborating effectively by harnessing their collective strengths. We’ve facilitated hundreds of brainstorming sessions, meetings, focus groups, strategy workshops, team-building events and conferences. We are known for keeping the energy high and for building motivation and momentum that result in dynamic ideas and solutions.

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Course CodeCoursesDuration
  • Framing the Future

Reconnecting with Ethos, Vision and Values

1 Day
  • Strengthening Partnership Working

Supporting Collaboration

1 Day
  • Releasing Stakeholder Voice

Informing Strategic Planning

3 Hours
  • Team Energy

Building and Motivating Teams

1 Day
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Good Governance

Governors and board members are strategic leaders and it is essential they are suitably and professionally trained in their role and in the context they are governing. How a board governs is at the heart of how an organisation successfully operates. Good and effective governance sets the tone, ensuring accountability and efficient and effective management and leadership.

Learn Spark offers a suite of Good Governance Modules.

Course CodeCoursesDuration
  • The Practice of Good Governance
  • Strategic Direction, Vision and Culture
  • Working Together – The Critical Friend
Course CodeCoursesDuration
  • Building the Effective Board
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Resilient Leadership
Course CodeCoursesDuration
  • Excellence and Organisational Improvement
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Safeguarding and Managing Risk